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    Today, it is a cuddly toy… I won it on ebay… I’ve no idea where it has been before it came to me… It looks okay… Should I clean it? and if so, with what? I have already decided to do nothing. I have to open it up, because there is a fault with the internal motor drive, it is a sound action figure, that dances to music in the room. I will get to it tomorrow, when the appropriate tool arrives from Amazon. That gives me a free evening tonight. I may have a radio on overnight, I don’t cope very well if the room is too quiet… I also have a shaded light on, the colour purple is soothing. I’ll rest tonight… Friday is a good evening for me, the weekend looms… I visit the grandchildren tomorrow… I love doing that, it keeps me young. Then church on Sunday… That goes okay, cos I’m popular there… I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to, and I think it is coffee and cakes this week!  Nobody gets onto me, I am there on my terms, not some other person’s.

    Okay… The computer… I haven’t cleaned it ever… I wouldn’t be able to do it properly if I tried. So it is best not to start… Resist the temptation to clean, just resist it… For as long as possible… Until I forget to do anything regarding cleaning. The compulsions do actually disappear. Each time I resist, the time I need to resist in order for the compulsions to die away reduces. It gets easier each time… To begin with, it feels like it will never go away, but it does… It most definitely does…

    On to smashing my latest compulsion! Remember… Each time we resist, the lesser the compulsions get… They actually get less! Believe me, they do! Try it just once with something you normally struggle with… Just once… Defy it. Let us know how you get on… That is what these forums are for… It belongs to all of us here! Just for us Ocd’ers.

    God bless you for reading…