Well… The item of clothing arrived! I tried it on, and it is a little small, but will stretch a bit. It cannot be sterilised, but then, Why should I? It is only the same as something I would try on in a shop… Remember when we used to try on shoes in a shoe shop? We checked our size on the special gauge, that is not cleaned between every customer… Never was… And we are okay… At one of the swimming pools I used to go to, we had to use footbaths… But not anymore. Do we get ill? Well, if it does happen, we never hear about it, do we? Well we don’t. And it is a large chain of sports clubs…  It works well for me, because I go in the gym for gentle workout, then into the Jacuzzi for a really good warming up. We sometimes have a drink after. In the gym, not everyone wipes down the equipment after they have used it… Fool them, if they try to claim for anything… They aren’t adhering to the rules of the club. I’ll always be okay… Well, I have been so far, CBT has proved that beyond reasonable doubt. We are remarkably resistant to the world around us. Our normal environment. That is my item in the journal for today… More again soon… It helps to write things down, it gets them out of my system. The trick then, is to somehow leave it on the page… Leave it all until morning… Just leave it on the page… Until morning…