I actually like the idea of a daily journal… It is a good way of powering a positive vibe or way of living.

    Some people suggest that we should ‘Never put off till tomorrow, what you can get done today.’  Okay, yes, it is a good idea in essence. But, What about this one;

    ‘Always leave/plan something great for tomorrow. Something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be particularly big, or expensive… Just nice, a good experience. Something you really like to do. ‘  That way, first thing in the morning, when you awake, you always have something positive to look forward to during the day ahead, and that is good for us, positive, nice, even.

    There maybe other things in the day which might not be particularly pleasant, but at least there will be at least one good thing. Try it… It works!

    So… Tomorrow, when I awake, I will start the day with a nice cup of coffee.  Then maybe, A slice of tiger bread toast, spread with something nice…  These occurrences are not particularly expensive, but they lift my spirit. Put me in a positive frame of mind. In that state, I will have the strength to face whatever comes my way, solve it, or find a compromise with it, it becomes more manageable. I try to do this every day or night shift. It enables me to get to sleep a lot easier. My plan can be written down, so it isn’t dominating my thoughts and going around and around in my head, as soon as my head touches the pillow… I can relax… And sleep. Sleep is important, so the better sleep pattern we have, so much the better.