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    Well, so far, so good… Yesterday I went swimming… I wonder if people wash their hands after going loo, and getting in the water..? It is dosed with disinfectant… No worries then…

    If I pick up a book in a library, what is on the pages? What has always been on the pages of library books? They haven’t always been in plastic sleeves… We didn’t have any concerns pre-covid… We just took the risk… I used to find breadcrumbs in library books… There’s no way of knowing… People eat whilst reading… Have done for decades… Coffee break magazines, biscuits and toast… Today it was a packet of crisps… Nobody washes the packs before opening… The ‘meal deal’ sandwiches won’t be sterile… We open the pack and eat the bread without waiting… Be honest… It’s always okay…  Taking a drink from bottle or can… Drinking milk out of the waxed cardboard cartons… Those didn’t even ‘look’ clean. And we’ve all survived…

    It isn’t easy to ‘let go’ like this… I’ve had two courses of CBT, and read lot’s of books… I’m finally taking charge of my life now… I’d love to qualify maybe, make use of my life experience. But I’m too old to do that sort of study, let alone, work in the industry… I’ve had enough, and just want to play with my grandchildren! I will however, stay on the forums… I have a lot to give back in my life. More later,

    God bless you for reading.