I went shopping today… And deliberately used the self-service till. I have no idea what the previous customer bought, they weren’t there at the time. A packet of hot cross buns, a pack of hard-boiled eggs, and a jar of pasta sauce. I have handled them, so will have others… Do I need to clean the wrappers before opening? Research says, No, absolutely not. We don’t, do we? By the time the eggs were in the sandwiches they would have been bontaminated, and I didn’t wash my hands during the preparation of the meal, or even before eating the sandwiches. The foregone conclusion is that, no ill effects will occur, at least not provable by any shopping procedures. And I re-use carrier bags dozens of times, just folding them up to store them away after use. And left, until next time I need them… No spraying needed.

    We need this process, to make us stronger as the world mutates, with us alongside for the ride.

    More later…