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    Today it was a cafe within a large homeware store… The cutlery to be precise.  The containers holding the cutlery on end. Knives and spoons blade downwards, leaving the handles protruding upwards, for ease of selection by the assistant. The forks however, were prongs upward. I guess that this had been the case all morning. Every single fork used in that cafe was handled by the prongs… Shall we guess at about 100 times during the opening hours… All ‘Bontaminated’… The thing is, no one will become ill as a result. Fingers will have been used to eat huge pieces of cake… Sausage rolls… pasties… None of the customers will have washed their hands prior, The customer toilets are way off on the other end of the store… I  myself lifted my trolleybasket up onto the seat, so that it wouldn’t be in anyone’s way. Some years ago, I would have left without buying anything… But, let’s be realistic,  it is no worse than cheese sliced out of the see-through plastic wrapper. Or an apple without washing it first. Come to think of it, fruit can only ever be rinsed under the water tap… No antibacterials,  they would ruin the flavour. So, when our cbt therapist suggests the potato/apple routine, we need not fear doing harm to ourselves or indeed, anyone else.  And let’s wonder, Do supermarkets ever get successfully  sued? Well, No… They don’t,  cos if they did, it would be allover the newspapers and TV. Reputations would be ruined.

    I do some spray painting tomorrow,  with a large fan, and all windows wide open all day.

    God bless you for reading.