Okay, If I  allow something to be ‘bontaminated’, is that wrong? Other people do it to me all the time… Most people don’t sanitize everything. And probably haven’t for maybe as long as we can remember. We have survived haven’t we? The evidence, and that is what it is, is actually  all around us. In other people, and what they do. I cannot be blamed for making someone get tummy-ache,  when they themselves haven’t ‘saniized’ everything around them… They are at far more risk from themselves. I will repeat that. Other people are at far more risk from themselves,  than they could ever be from Ourselves. And in a court of law, that rule will stand. In a restaurant, food poisoning does not happen straight after the first mouthful, we actually  have bodily defences, we survive.

    So, can we say that the whole world is in fact ‘Bontaminated’, right from before we even set foot in it, and long after we are gone? I say emphatically,  Yes.