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    Okay… Today it was the gym again… Is everything clean enough? Well, they have a policy of us using wetwipes to just wipe the bits we touch on the equipment, just once, after use, and before moving on to something else. A quick wipe, not a ‘deep clean’. We can then go through to the cafe for toast and coffee. It is a well known company, nationwide, with a fantastic reputation to uphold.  And no one actually gets ill… If they did, the tabloids would have a field day with it. But we are okay. I really love going there. The people are nice, and the exercise not too strenuous. And the swimming pool is warm and really, really nice.

    In the  gym, the positive advantages massively outweigh any disadvantages, which are very few, if any. Okay, some people don’t wipe their use of equipment, but that is their risk…  We are back to the thing about being able to hear the jet engine hand dryers going when people come out of the toilets… And that is rarer than many would like to have us believe… Yet we survive…

    I went to the bank with my wife, and while she was talking, I just grabbed the only chair available, and sat on it, not bothering to examine it first. And I didn’t even see any anti-bac gel on the way in… Funny how it tends to be seen on the way out Lol…

    I have in my possession two, teenage musical keyboard instruments… One for gigging, and one for at home. I have never, ever used any soap of any kind on either of them. I got them both secondhand, so others have touched them a lot before me… Is that okay? Well, it has been so far, and that is reliable evidence in my defence. We can all live like that. Take a risk, be reasonably clean, and give your natural defences something to strengthen on, And other peoples… After all, they’ll be already doing the same with us… In a supermarket, stuff is touched probably at least twice before it goes into our basket or trolley… And then the till operator, who has also touched everybody else’s stuff, will then handle our stuff into bags! And let’s be honest, we don’t wash every packet at home before opening it, do we? And likewise, neither does anyone else… So we are safe, we can sleep tonight… If someone tries to sue me for tummy-ache, my defence will completely dismantle any evidence that anyone thinks they could put up against me, because, you see, their hands are no cleaner than mine… Just think about how we can all apply that to our own lives… And sleep soundly at bedtime… More later,

    God bless you for reading,