A nice refreshing cold drink, on a hot day… Bought from a shop, or taken out of our haversack, say… Ringpull cans… We don’t rinse the top of the can with boiling water, or wash our hands before pulling the ring to open the can… We drink the drink on the way home from the shop. It is the same with bottles. When we were kids, do you remember taking a sip from a pop bottle, then wiping the toprim with the inner palm of your hand? We all did, on the assumption we were in some way cleaning the bottle before passing it to our friends… We did, didn’t we? Of course we did! But, pausing now to think about it, Conversely, What would we have been putting ‘on’ the rim of the bottle? Never mind wiping it off, we would have been wiping stuff on!

    We can call that process ‘Bontamination’, because, by doing so, we would have effectively been strengthening each others immune systems. A really good thing… Well, we survived, didn’t we?

    Nothing is perfect… Because we cannot make it so… And that is probably just as well, Don’t you think?