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    Hi everyone… An interesting discovery… How often do you hear those jet engine hand dryers anywhere? Public loos, library, church? This Sunday was my first time… A long quiet sermon… Interrupted by the sound of a jet engine coming from somewhere else in the building… Someone had actually washed their hands! In a building full of people. I’ve never noticed it before, and yet I’ve been attending there for about a year now.  I know that because Christmas carolling isn’t far away, again… In fact, it is time I started practicing on my electronic organ…  So, has anyone been away due to sickness? Nope… A lot of people seem to have a lot of going away holidays, but no food poisoning… And we had cake after the service… We’ll have to wait and see if anyone is ill next week… But we have cake and a cuppa quite often… To be fair, people don’t shake hands with me anymore, we sort of got out of the  habit with covid.  But we all touch chairs, doorhandles, light switches, Cake and biscuits… We’re okay, aren’t we? And so is everyone else.

    Have you ever been to a carboot sale? Bought anything? It wasn’t perfectly clean was it? What about the loo’s… Those plastic boxes, with no flush, no paper, no soap, no water… Thousands of people use them… And then go to the burger van and pay by card… Or sometimes cash… Is ‘Anything’ there even likely to be clean? We don’t totally know, but it stands to reason that thousands of people would become ill… But they don’t, do they?

    So, just maybe, that tiny germ you left on that door handle is not gonna do anyone any harm, including ourselves, touching that same item after someone else… We are a lot more resistant to germs etc, than solicitors would have us believe… And as for the ‘Trip or fall’ guys… In the case of the ‘no win no fee’ ones, just how much is the fee in relation to the win? They don’t say…  As regards health, you could find yourself without a family doctor… All for a mild tummyache, that may have had nothing to do with the case anyway…

    So… When I worked in a care home environment, I was held to ransom… The slightest thing, and I could be sued. It used to be said that, on average, a staff nurse can expect to be sued three times during their career. All so that relatives can buy motorhomes…

    So next time you hear a jet engine dryer, and it won’t be very often, just be happy that at least someone is drying their hands after washing them…

    More later.

    God bless you for reading.