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    Hi everyone… Boy am I tired this evening!  I went to the gym today… Used a special rowing machine… Where the emphasis is not on speed, but pull… I’m the same on the treadmill… Steep gradient, slow walk… Okay, so some people can go very fast, but I choose not to. I am expected to use a wet wipe on each machine I’ve been on, ready for the next person. On the sitting down machines, I’m sure that people mess about with the weight settings when they stop, to give the next person the impression that we aren’t as strong as they are! But I’m not competing with anyone. I’m not there for that. I don’t even know if I’m losing weight… I’m not going that deeply into it.  I relax into it, then after doing my group of exercises, I go for a dip in the swimming pool, and sometimes, when it isn’t too busy, a dip in the jacuzzi.  A relaxing shower, dressed, and into the restaurant for a nice hot drink, and, once weekly, a meal too.

    Tomorrow, I work on my portable music keyboard… It is old… But is it clean? Well… I will say that it is clean enough… I’ve nicknamed it ‘The fool’, cos I’m going to be playing it at our church, and I’ve always wanted to get away with playing the fool in a church!!!  I also hope to let others have a go on it, without using antibacterials (That could damage it), cos when I was younger, I lived in a generation when kids weren’t allowed to touch anything… So now, hardly anyone can play them anymore…

    Okay, time to sleep… I trust that my quilt is okay… And my pillow…  My bedding has never been changed everyday, and I’ve survived into my sixties!

    More in a couple of days… God bless you for reading.