Okay… There is a commercial on British TV which suggests that ‘Every time we flush the toilet, odours get flung onto the soft surfaces…’ Now, my question is this… Is the proprietary product they want us to buy and  use, actually more hazardous to health, than the odour?  How does the product work, and just what exactly is the substance of an odour? Is it a gas? And if we breathe the chemical unavoidably, what will that do to our lung tissue?

    We don’t know. Do we?

    What we do know, is that asthma and suchlike conditions are on the increase in modern society.

    It used to be ‘2nd hand smoke from cigarettes and tobacco’, But smoking has largely fallen out of fashion these days.

    Fly spray is another one… If it is capable of wiping out tiny flies, surely it has some sort of effect on us, however minimal…

    But, we survive…  At the moment, there is suggestion of a fourth Covid jab. We can class that as a Bontaminant, because it does far more good than bad, at least, as far as we can possibly know, it is early days yet.

    We can class Antibiotics as Bontaminants, Don’t you agree?