Is it possible that, mankind’s obsession with being perfectly clean, is what is leading to the onset of allergies, and weakened immune systems? And what about breathing problems, like asthma, copd, etc.  By inadvertently breathing in biocides (And that is what they are,) are we damaging our lungs, maybe even worse than by smoking? Are we effectively polluting the air we aim to ‘clean’?  If a biocide kills 99.9% of bacteria, isn’t it doing it absolutely everywhere, including our lungs, our first point of defence in a polluted atmosphere? In a word, Yes… Of course it is… And that would actually be Contamination, rather than Bontamination… I know of a lot of people who are using prescription inhalers.

    Can we say that air fresheners are in fact ‘Contaminants’? Is airborne bleach more dangerous than the normally present airborne Bontaminants?  I’m no scientist, but I’m suggesting that yes, Sometimes it is…