Isn’t this we do all of the time?

    When we breathe out on a cold winters day, droplets of moisture appear like steam… This happens, even when it is not cold, we just don’t see it… But it is always there… When we notice the pleasant smell of tobacco being smoked, that will contain a certain amount of exhaled breath from someone else… This has been the case for many decades… And yet, we are alive. Can it be suggested that, the people on planet earth who are the healthiest of all, are in fact, not the cleanest of all, but the ones who have the strongest immunity to our surroundings… And if so, where does that immunity come from?  Being surgically clean provides no surface on which healthy germs can develop, by fighting off the bad ones? Things need to be reasonably clean, yes, but we need to each of us develop our own individual immunity to our surroundings. In ordinary life, We each of us are organic creatures, adapting and evolving all of the time, to the ever-changing conditions in our atmosphere and surroundings. It is mainly automatic, our temperature is regulated within certain parameters, Our breathing and heart-rate are changing all of the time… Constantly keeping pace with our lifestyles.

    A measure of just how fantastic these usually things are, is found when they go wrong, in say, the diabetic Person. A situation where the blood sugar control has to be taken over by the use of blood tests and insulin injections. It is a constant balancing act, and actually incredibly difficult to master. But when working it is okay, and our pancreas is functioning as it should, the process is undetectable in us.

    In normal life, we have systems in place to protect us. Acid in our stomachs, Helpful bacteria in our lungs, weak acid on our skin, and so on. These are developed from a young age… Without them, we would be doomed, helpless against the forces of nature, the air, our food, everything we touch etc… This process can be called ‘Bontamination’, because, in measured quantities, it is for our own good. As natural as we are. We cannot escape the fact that we are made up of living tissue and bacteria etc.  It is what makes us so adaptable and resistant to our normal environment. And that is absolutely vital for our continued survival…