Hi everyone. I’ve just been away for a few days! I’ve managed to Bontaminate everything in some way. I was at a motorway service station , using a loo, then washed hands, looking up into the big mirrored sink splashbacks. The number of people not stopping to wash their hands was amazing! Most, by a long way, don’t wash their hands. Well dressed, scruffy, anything, they just stroll past me, zipping up their trousers. I finished drying my hands under the jet engine dryer, then wandered back into the food court. All the food is now ordered off touch screens, and payment made by card. Are they anywhere near clean? They are touched by upwards of a hundred people per hour. I know that, when I hear the chefs calling out the order numbers. But we don’t become ill… Food is eaten with the fingers… And we don’t become ill… Well we don’t, do we? So… The concept of ‘Bontamination’ is alive and well, and now, as it is in a couple of published books, well and truly into the English language. I just need to submit it to the Oxford English Dictionary, now. So… What do you think? It’s a good idea, isn’t it? Inspired by Poirot the french detective, played brilliantly by David Suchet…