The book ‘Not in a nutshell, The Concept of ‘Bontamination’ is out now on Amazon. It gives a unique insight into how the term ‘bontamination’ can be used on ordinary life, to help us challenge the intrusive thoughts, about whether things are clean enough or not…

    I was listening to a CD on the stereo tonight… Music that I haven’t heard for at least 15 years… Yes, it did momentarily take me back to the last time I heard it, but now it is filled with today’s memories… Happy ones… I will sleep with music on tonight… That way I get to hear the latest tracks for me to play on the keyboards.  Whilst I’m thinking about CD’s, are they ever clean? Gramophone records… Sure, they got dusty… But they weren’t ever cleaned…  Okay, now it is time for me to lay my head on the same pillow as all week, at least… If we apply the concept of Bontamination to a pillow, then sleep on it… And wake up refreshed after a great night’s sleep, then we will more than likely be fine, the more we repeat the process. What about inside the refrigerator?