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    Thank you for your kind words!

    I have to be honest and say that, this is helping me immensely too… When I write things down they aren’t reassurance, but actual written evidence.  For myself, this stuff would stand up in court.

    Today it was all about delivering a parcel. Quite a big one, in that a courier wanted to charge a stupid amount to deliver it for me. I arranged with the buyer, that I would deliver it myself, by car. This would involve getting into the car, with the big parcel, then driving about eighty miles, to the buyers workplace. That in turn meant touching doorbells and call buttons. I then had to find reception, at which, absolutely none of the soap dispensers had any soap in(!).  I found the buyer, but didn’t actually offer to shake hands, but then, neither did they…  I’d placed the box on the floor by this time…  But anyway, I have no way of knowing if anything in the parcel was bontaminated, whether the car steering wheel had anything on it, I just didn’t know.

    Okay, let’s consider the possibility that the buyer might wake up in the morning with some sort of tummy upset… How could we say it was me? That person will have touched lot’s of things during the day, (Including doorhandles!). It could have come from anyone… There were dozens of people there… Is it even likely they will have washed their hands? Any of them? Certainly not everyone, cos people don’t.  We all take a risk, everytime we take a breath, eat a pizza or burger, but that risk is minimal, and necessary for our immune systems to keep up with the changes in the air.  Likewise, when we drink water… It isn’t the same the world over… In one place where I lived once, they put Flouride in the water to guard against tooth decay… It has certainly done that alright, but what else has it done? We don’t know yet…

    I’m okay tonight… But I must get some sleep…

    We need ‘Bontamination’, otherwise, we could eventually get over run by the very nature that keeps us safe… Okay… Reasonably safe… So far… Let’s be brave, and take a bit of a risk today… Or even tonight, laid on the same pillow as last night, and maybe, as in my case, even the night before that…  More later.