Hi everyone, just had a couple of really busy days…

    How many of us have been into a burger restaurant recently? Never mind ourselves, what about the thousands who flock into these places daily? Pizza restaurants… We eat with our fingers, because it is a more convenient way to eat the thing… Now consider the number of people who wash their hands… Bearing in mind, the only place to wash our hands is the toilets washbasins, and the pull doors to return to the main restaurant. And we all have mixed feelings about those… They don’t get shut down, do they? They don’t get on TV news… And they are massive companies…  A fried coated chicken restaurant used to refer to us licking our fingers… And they haven’t been shut down either… We’d soon know about it if there was any trouble. So… The something that is present on the door handles is perhaps, not actually dangerous to everyone who touches them… Maybe some, but certainly not most of us, or the’d have a sink, soap, and towels by the main entrance… Not brilliant for their corporate image…  The concept of ‘Bontamination’ acknowledges that there will sometimes be micro-organisms on our fingers, our door handles, car steering wheels… That some of them may even need to be there… In order to generate a sort of ‘herd’ immunity, where we all share everything, and our bodies develop resistance…  This is biologically important, because we ourselves are made up of micro-organisms, cells, and atomic structures… We are organic.  To take this to a gardening analogy… A rose gardener will tend to have problems with Aphids…. Greenfly to you and me.  The trick is get the little so-n-so’s off the prize roses, without harming the roses… Selectively… But antibacterials kill 99.9% of everything… If we breathe in the ‘Freshness’, it could seriously damage the fragile micro-organisms etc in our lungs… And they need to be there to protect us from the stuff in the air we breathe… They are vital, to protect us from the stuff in the air that we breathe… Our air is nowhere near clean… A beautiful red sunset is made up of pollution deflecting the sun’s rays. And do you remember when we went to the cinema, and looked up into the rays of light from the projection window behind us? It used to be smoke, but now it is dust… And it’s not particularly clean dust…

    Bontamination allows this to be so… Our lungs are well adapted to the air we breathe, or were, until we started using ‘biocides’, and that is a technical terms for the sprays we are using in our homes… And we use a lot…

    Could this be the reason so many people suffer from Asthma these days?