Well, continuing on from the last entry, maybe ‘Bontamination’ is okay… When we touch that door handle, and therefore ‘expose’ others to our germs(!), Are we really actually doing good? And what about ourselves? Can we honestly say that we have ever been ill, simply by touching a door handle, to exit from a room? There is no way of knowing… If we look back at the official definition of the word ‘Bontamination’, it is not so bad… It is what goes on around us all the time anyway… Everytime we breathe… Our air is really bad these days… But we adapt… When we go on holiday, we drink ‘different’ water… We survive… It ultimately does us good, not to mention the new experiences… In biblical times, only the wine would have been pure… And in the days of Roman baths, they didn’t have antibacterials… At least, not like we have today…