Okay… Let’s have another look at this word ‘Bontamination’.

    Is it a ‘good’ word?  Well, it’s not exactly a ‘Bad’ word… Because, the verb ‘Bontaminate’, means to add something to something else… Either the fingers put something onto say, a book… And likewise, and simultaneously, the fingers take up something from the book, something as yet unknown…  In small enough quantities, which it indeed is… It will ultimately  improve the situation anyway, by either, not doing any harm at all, or by, at the very most, provide something, as yet unknown, to stimulate and therefore, strengthen, the body’s natural defences, ultimately also leading to no serious harm at all. Years ago, Smallpox was a killer… However Cowpox, made people feel a bit under the weather for a few days, but then they were actually protected from the killer Smallpox.  By that understanding, Cowpox, is a bontaminant, and a good one at that. Even the word ‘Vaccination’ is derived from ‘Vaccu’, from the Latin for cow. And we don’t worry about holiday vaccinations, do we? We just go and have a good time…

    So, maybe we are all ‘Bontaminated’, by the world in which we live… Does that make sense?