Hi again everyone,  The principle is to reduce the threat of something being contaminated, by seeing if it is ‘Bontaminated’ instead… Reasonably clean… Well… Is it?

    What if we go to someone else’s house, and sit on their chairs..? What if they should come and sit on ours? Aren’t the minuscule amount of bacteria on both chairs is actually pretty much the same? And has been since we even sat on the floor as children?  Are our hands ever perfectly clean? I mean, from about ten minutes after we have sprayed them, and then picked something up? Tumble dried clothes… We may use antibacterials in the drum, But what happens the moment those laundry items are exposed to air? The air we have been breathing up until right now, and will continue to breathe… Part of letting go of the compulsion to constantly clean our hands, is to disarm the threat of what may, or may not, be there, either on our fingertips, or the object we pick up.  I will be visiting a library soon… I may have to use touch screens… Not everyone cleans their hands… That is a fact, something we know full well… We may have done the same ourselves… Intentionally, or indeed un-intentionally… A lot of people really don’t seem to care what they touch… But if that item isn’t actually coated in something that could overwhelm our natural defences, or at least, at the very worst, stimulate our natural defences to give us better protection and immunity, actually a good thing, Then that would be ‘Bontamination’, wouldn’t it?