This idea is an attempt to disarm this idea that we somehow contaminate the world… Everything I touch… Do I really have the power over other people’s health and well-being? Especially when some of those people are unpleasable. I one of my places of employment, I tried to please people, who just wanted more than I could ever give… Fear of being sued… My ‘Best’ was never good enough…  One of my managers had the same problem, with the clients and clients’ relatives. She quit before I did, and all due to stress. In our wold today, we have a growing allergy and asthma problem. It is hardly surprising, the amount of antibacterial vapour we breathe on a day to day basis… Our air is polluted with chemical  cleaners.

    Bontamination is when we allow biology to do it’s thing. A lot of drugs are plant based chemicals. Surely we don’t need to be sterile? Sterile air damages our lungs… Our first defence against the bugs in the air. We are natural beings, who actually need to breathe a certain amount of Carbon dioxide, so the gaseous exchange process occurs in our lungs, every time we breathe. In ordinary life, Let’s ‘Bontaminate’ the world with good things, and just be ‘Reasonably’ clean. Sterile, is for surgical procedures.  A final thought… If we get a reputation for suing other people, Can we still expect a GP to treat us?