Hi everyone… When we apply the concept of ‘Bontamination’, we are actually putting in place, a barrier between ourselves, and the concept of contamination. We are putting in place a protection, that, to an extent, carries on around us, all of the time, anyway. If we consider the famous work by H.G. Wells, entitled ‘War of the worlds’, we are shown that, when the invaders came, they were already doomed, because of the smallest things on planet earth, that we have long since gained immunity to. In fact, the invaders succumbed to something we had developed a resistance too, since time itself began… Those bacteria would also have gotten stronger against us, in turn further pushing up our immunity. A continuous process, part of the evolution/creation process. We are pretty resistant to our world environment, and we have gotten stronger over many generations… Here…  In fact, If we get too clean, wouldn’t it be safe to suggest that, over time, our resistance could weaken again? With Covid, we have been wiping out the bad germs, but also, inadvertently, some of the good germs will have been eradicated, and that is maybe not such a good state of affairs. So… Can we allow ourselves to just be ‘reasonably clean’, just as children are when they crawl about on the floor..?  Can we touch our clothing without fear..? After all, Most of the germs around us are not gonna be extremely dangerous… We breathe them all the time… And have done, ever since the day we were born.

    Using that as an example then… What about door handles? Are they reasonably safe? Well, Yes… They must be or none of us would be here… Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, linked with Exposure, and Response Prevention, involves us actively defying it all, and thus proving to ourselves how things really are… Doing what most people do all of the time, without thinking, anyway… So, armed with that knowledge, next time we touch a door handle, we don’t need to give a seconds thought to whatever may be there, either before, or after we touch it, so that we can at least pass from room to room, without impedance. Shall we try?