Hi everyone… I’ve been fighting the internet today… I’m just about coping… Most of my family are completely stressed out…  So we are being supporters at the mo. A bit of good news… My Books, namely;

    ‘In a nutshell, The concept of Bontamination’,  written by myself, Marcus John Kim, is available on Kindle and Amazon print. And,

    As of Today,  “Not in a nutshell, The concept of Bontamination, again by myself, is available on kindle only, until I get the front cover sorted, ready for it to go into print.

    If, when I touch that door handle, or stair rail… The ‘anything’, that I should maybe place down, or pick up from that, is insufficient to overwhelm mine, or someone else’s natural defences/immunity, and nothing happens, or at the very worst, triggers my natural defences/immunity to fight back and become stronger, also a good out come…

    That’s ‘Bontamination’, Isn’t it?

    I hereby rest my case for the defence…