Hiya,  Is it possible that the Tetanus jab is the ultimate Bontaminant? After all, it doesn’t harm us, and at most, it stimulates the body to develop antibodies to fight off the illness, effectively making us stronger,  And that can only be a good thing… What about the Flu jab… ?

    The first Vaccine was discovered by a Doctor Edward Jenner, in 1796, that cowpox, an illness to do with milking herds, can pass to Humans, and also, from human to human… The other amazing thing was, Cowpox made a person ill for a few days, but once having had it, they developed a resistance to the killer Smallpox.  He went around giving people Cowpox, which stimulated a reaction in the body, and effectively wiped out the killer Smallpox virus. All good. Incidentally, the word Vaccine’, comes from the Latin, vaccu, for cow… I’ve been talking to my friend David at some length about this, and he was wondering if this has something to do with the developing variant ‘Omicron’.  If another variant should occur, might that be on a similar thing, less destructive than Covid. We are adapting to our world…

    So, the next time we touch that door handle, or light switch, let us give a little bit of the control back to our natural immunity systems. Yes, gel hands just once when entering a supermarket, but then allow nature to do it… Because excessive us of Biocides (And that is what they are) is killing off everything, the good guys as well…