Hi everyone, I’ve had a couple days deep into my studies, and stuff…  I did have one weird thing happen a couple of days ago… I was waiting in a crowded space, waiting for someone, when I happened to hear a loud noise, not unlike a vacuum cleaner, or Hoover, as they are often referred to these days. Eventually the crowd dissipated, and I saw that the noise was coming from an open door… Believe it or not, A hand dryer in a loo! That just goes to show how rarely we see people use them… I guess we will all have seen Men exiting the public toilets, whilst still fastening their trousers and belt… One place I frequented in town, had stairs with brass stair rails to hold when returning out into a market square…  And what about the escalators on the London Underground?  So, ‘Bontamination’ has been going on for years…  I guess there is real truth, in the saying, ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you, Makes you stronger’.  I’m not suggesting we all go out and get really filthy, but just doing what others around us do, with no apparent concern, gives us the freedom, to not worry. As we start to emerge bravely from the pandemic, can we allow ourselves to just reduce the cleaning, just a bit…  In order to allow our natural defences to build up again… It’s a positive thought…