Tomorrow is supermarket shopping day… Well, we going to visit someone, and they have a supermarket quite close to them…  In that particular supermarket, they have a special tub to put soft plastics in for recycling. I keep a large box in our kitchen to save the plastic, then, when the box is full, I get it all to the supermarket, and as far as I am aware, it goes for responsible recycling…  I take it in the carrier bag I will then use to put my shopping in to come home… (They also do some really nice responsible Bacon, so, Whilst I happen to be there…). My Question is this… All of the wrappers are open, with the produce used at home… So, What will be on the inside of the carrier bag, that all my new goods will be going into, after I pay at the till?  Well… As the till operator will handle everything, just as normal, it is highly likely that there is gonna be ‘Something’ on my shopping items. And that will be before I get them in my carrier bag… Just as has happened since supermarkets began, in the 1960’s I believe. My whole lifetime…  In the carrier bag, there may already be something… But How much? Is it going to be like the salt in the potato’s, and not too much?

    I’ve done this process several times over the last six months or so, and so far… No ill effects that I’m honestly aware of…

    This, by the way, applies to ordinary households, in the family, where hopefully we aren’t frightened of litigation solicitors banging on our bedroom doors!  Yes, we need to be reasonably clean… The thing with OCD is that we can try to be too clean, and actually set ourselves up for infection, by wiping out our own natural defences… Cracked skin, raw knuckles etc.

    I guess it would still be a bit different in a care home setting… And of course, Hospital isolation units and operating theatres… This is just a laymans perspective, trying to find a happy medium, to make life live able again, after years of Contamination, and Checking Ocd.

    What d’you reckon?