My good friend  David has been sharing his thoughts… Mind you, it is myself that is building a website…

    Okay, today I defrosted our food stoage freezer.  My goodness! There must have been 2plus cubic feet of ice and snow, when I used a full 20 litre plastic box to tip it around the drains outside! That’s a lot of space that can now be used for actual food… Now, to dry off the defrosted surfaces, I needed to use a towel. Now, I  did actually get a clean one from the bathroom cupboard.  Thinking about it, I  reckon that any dry towel would have been fine… Especially if we consider the state of the food outside wrappers after being handled by the checkout person… Never mind the conveyor belt…

    Has it ever harmed us before in our lifetime?

    There has to be good and bad on our hands and food wrappings… And door handles… And stair rails… And lift buttons… Even our hair.  What about my bedding pillows? I sleep on those every night… And I’m still here to tell the tale… So we have evidence…