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    Hi everyone… The eggs turned out to be okay, in fact I’ve just bought some more! As before, I will resist cleaning the wrappers first, before opening them, even though, the checkout operator has handled absolutely everything… Evidence suggests, that that will be okay, and has been so all my life…  And I’m in my mid sixties, grew up on a council estate, and worked down a coal mine… So…  I have a crochet blanket that I wrap around my trousers as I study… It is cheaper than switching an electric heater on. That blanket is on my bed at night… So just what exactly is on it? I once asked similar of my CBT therapist, and he said he didn’t know… And he had a house full of pets!

    To be fair, I guess it won’t harm me or anyone else around me… At least, it hasn’t so far!

    In a moment I’m cooking chicken breasts for tea… I’ll get them in the dish, and wash my hands with soap… Once in the oven, no worries, I know how long they have to be in there. When I worked in care work we were paranoid about serving chicken… Eggs had to be like rubber, it was disgusting.

    Tomorrow we have to do a tip run, helping our sons to get rid of some junk. It will involve unloading the car of what is in it already, then handling bin liners to go to the the disposal site. We have done it before… It has been okay before…

    I intend to spend some time playing my electronic organ… I’ve in the past, recording music on youtube. but due to study pressures, I just haven’t had time. To be fair, it could do with a dusting, a soft paintbrush the best thing to get around all the switches and stuff.

    I’ll update on the chicken tomorrow…

    God bless you for reading.