I am my good friend Marcus John Kim. I am friends with my self these days, after years of absolutely hating myself.  My books are available exclusively from Amazon, and are also available in kindle reader format.  We now have a word to compete against that awfully negative ‘Contamination’ word. So now we can live a more neutral existence in ordinary life. When we are ‘Reasonably clean’ it is a case of Contamination versus Bontamination, in more or less equal amounts. There are going to be both good, and not so good germs on everything. And this has been the case since we were born. The good germs fight against, and strengthen on, the not so good germs.  We really don’t do ourselves a lot of favours by being ‘too’ clean.  Our air is most definitely not totally clean, in fact air conditioning can cause eye irritation. If we walk in the city, car exhaust fumes are breathed. When we smoke a cigarette or pipe, the smoke contains many toxins. But over the Millennia we have developed a certain amount of resistance…  Logic suggests that, if there were only bad germs around, we would be totally overwhelmed, and not physically survive. Not everyone who smokes will go on to get lung cancer.  In my youth, I smoked for a time, until it became impossible to steer the car… No power steering in those days!  The concept of this word, helps to reduce an overwhelming urge to continuously wash in what I affectionately call ‘Finger restaurants’. To be honest, I doubt if ‘anyone’ washes their hands in such places, and they stay in business… Just as well really, because the food is really nice…