Today, I wondered about Bontaminants… One thing I do have to be careful of is, when going into a shop, I use the antibacterial gel to clean my hands, but then have to remember to to scratch my face… Cos it upsets my eyes…  In that way, it is a ‘Bontaminant’ for my hands, but a ‘Contaminant’ for my eyes…  Marcus John Kim is currently writing a book about what what the concept of ‘bontamination’ is. It will hopefully be available from Amazon shortly. All of his books are published by Amazon, so it is easy to buy them. I have ordered some myself, so I can compare notes…  What about windscreen washer fluid in the car? We always inhale a tiny bit through the air vents, so it must be safe, going straight into the lungs. As is air freshener spray… What about wood smoke? It certainly smells nice…  As a good thing, it comes under the list of ‘Bontaminants’.  Cigarette smoke apparently has cyanide in it… Something considered lethal in some places… And yet, not all smokers get lung cancer…  Funnily enough, they’ve never banned smoking… Probably because of the sky high tax levels. Okay, I’ll try and post a little more tomorrow, when I’ll hopefully feel a bit better… Flu is an absolute nightmare for me…