Hi everyone… Consider the case of DNA left on surfaces… Harmless Bontamination… If I pick up a jar of coffee to make a drink, my DNA has every right to be there, along with that of everyone else who has handled the jar… And so it is with everything else I touch… If I cannot pay for something by contactless card, then I defiantly shove my card into the reader, and press the ‘Button that used to be green’. It doesn’t make anyone else ill, if it did it would be on the front page of every newspaper… Store reputations would be ruined, people out of business… People buy antiques… Who knows how many people will have handled them before… Old clocks… We have never sterilised them… How would we? So, we actually ‘Bontaminate’ everything we touch, and we in turn, are ‘Bontaminated’ by everything we touch… And have done, for generations…  If we reduce the amount of farm animals for meat, then, to grow organic’ vegetables, the manure will have to come from somewhere else… Will we then have to use loo cleaner on potatoes and carrots? It could happen…