Hi, Today it was about working the concept of ‘Bontamination’… It involved the task of taking a parcel to our local post office… A normal, everyday thing… But… We are living in the middle of a pandemic… So it involved putting a face covering on before entering the shop… Then using the antibacterial gel provided, and then, finally, getting the parcel to the scales… Now, I really don’t know what is on the box… My germs? Bad? Good? I really don’t know… But what I imagine, is that there will be hundreds of parcels at the sorting office, absolutely none sterile, and all with, well, who knows what on them? It will have always been this way… Even fifty years ago, when I was a teenager, who didn’t worry about wiping dry,  my own ice skates, at the rink… When it gets to the destination, my grandchildren will be more interested in what is inside the parcel… Everything else will be okay, because it always has been okay… Even during the pandemic… ‘Reasonably clean’, is the new mantra… We use the sanitation provided, only as much as is necessary, just on entering the store. We’ve always picked up letters off the doormat… Well, we have, haven’t we? Did we ever get ill while our natural defences were building up, as we crawled around on the floor before we had learnt to walk? If we ever did, did we know? Or even particularly notice? When we don’t overthink these thing too much, we find a sense of freedom… A childlike sense of wonder, about the nice things that happen during our day…