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      Hi everyone… What about music CD’s? I found a lot in boxes in our shed yesterday… There’s no way they would have all been perfectly clean… And some are pretty old… Have been in and out of cars… Whilst eating food… I found a lot of other stuff too… Absolutely thousands of those clear loose leaf bags that we put documents in, and file away in a folder… At school, We’d pick absolutely anything up from on the floor… And yet we’ve survived… Pencils, books, rubber erasers, Pencil sharpeners, and pens…  And sticky tape…  Every classroom would have its own piano… Were they ever cleaned? Almost certainly not…  And what about our old photographs? We’d hand them round, with sticky fingers… In the course of a day we handle lots of things… And most of the germs are gonna be good ones… What will that ultimately do to our immunity to the world around us? It makes us think, doesn’t it?


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