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      Hi all I’m new in here, I have suffered with ocd for over 15 years now I’m 36 and had my first child at 18 so most Of  his life he’s used to me having ocd, Iv had cbt and tried tablets nothing worked, I lost my partner (my sons dad) when my son was 3 (now 18) altho I did have slight ocd before we lost him it got worse in the years after, It was all to do with contamination I was scared of drug users the fear of catching something off them and passing it to my child I would avoid anywhere I thought drug users would go and I sterilise my house after been near one in the street I’d throw clothes away even prams. Anyway I learned to live with it and since had 2 more children but I have had 13 houses as I seem to find the house is contaminated and want to move, I recently started working as a home carer and the ocd I was living with the fear of catching something like hiv has now changed and is all about catching cancer as bad as this sounds, and I know you can’t catch it but in my head there’s something there and that fear won’t go away I feel like I’m bringing it into the house after Iv been to work and I will get straight in the shower as soon as I get home put my clothes in a cupboard that no one else can touch and I’ll sterilise the handles and bath as soon as I’m clean. I’m thinking of leaving my job but I do like my job and fits in well with my children but it really is taking its toll now and affecting my life again. Any help is much appreciated

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