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      OCD Action’s webinars bring together some of the top clinicians in the country and lived experience experts to share vital information on navigating life with OCD. 

      Our webinar series is for anyone affected by OCD, wherever you are on your journey. Our speakers share information on a range of topics, from recognising the symptoms of OCD, to navigating the NHS, managing setbacks in treatment, building supportive relationships, and much more.


      Professor Paul Salkovskis and Michael Cooper

      Tuesday 17th October

      Professor Paul Salkovskis

      In our recent webinar, our clinical expert, Professor Paul Salkovskis, provided invaluable insights on optimising psychological therapies for OCD recovery. Lived experience expert Michael Cooper shared his personal journey of living with OCD, receiving the recommended therapy, and how he maintained his recovery day-to-day. The session concluded with a Q&A where participants had the chance to ask Professor Salkovskis and Michael their questions.

      Paul is a clinical psychologist who has worked on the understanding and treatment of OCD for his entire working life. He led the SLaM and National NHS outpatient OCD service for its first ten years. He is now the Director of the Oxford Centre for Psychological Health. Paul considers that OCD can be treated, but knows that the longer term effects of having untreated OCD are particularly hard to overcome.

      Michael Cooper, OCD Action Volunteer
      Michael, an OCD Action volunteer and support group facilitator, has lived with OCD for over 30 years. Fortunately, he was able to reclaim his life through effective treatment and support. Michael now lives a happy and fulfilling life no longer dominated by OCD. As a support group facilitator, his focus is on fostering a warm and nurturing atmosphere, where members can be heard, valued, and supported wherever they are on their journey.

      Read more about this and our other webinars here:

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        Here’s another related webinar that forum users may find very useful

        Dr Victoria Hallett, Dr Stuart Brownings and Ria Fay

        In this informative session, our clinical experts, Dr. Victoria Hallett and Dr. Stuart Brownings, shared valuable insights on the recommended therapy for OCD, CBT with ERP, as well as medication options. Lived experience expert Ria Fay provided invaluable perspectives from her personal journey of receiving these recommended treatments, shedding light on what the process was like and how it helped her. The session concluded with a panel Q&A, where attendees had the opportunity to ask our experts their questions. A recording of this webinar will soon be available to watch on this page.

        Read more about this and our other webinars here:

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