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      Hi everyone. Cooking the Christmas food is gonna be interesting! The meat we bought from the supermarket… I refuse to clean the packet, cos once I start, I won’t be able to stop, so it is best not to start. I had to pick up some mail from the sorting office… I put stuff on the ledge so I could use the provided antibac gel. I handed in a card, then paid the fee, picked my stuff up and wandered out to the car. Did I pick everything up? I would have done, but the temptation to go back and check lasted for perhaps an hour. I’ve resisted all day, and the office will be shut now. I believe in my heart that I picked all my stuff up, but of course, the ocd will be nagging me in the background of my thoughts. The truth is, I’ve still got everything I took with me. Definitely. But I still have Ocd. It’s a right pain. I too do so wish I just didn’t know… Over the next few days, if anything turns out to be missing… But I’ve got everything, but I can still picture the inside of that office in my minds eye. The Ocd takes mental photographs of everything, to torment me at a later day. I got some frozen fish out of the freezer tonight for evening meal. Anything on the box? Fortunately, I’ve forgotten the last time I handled them. I think (!).  I’m staying at home for Christmas, so will be looking in to the forum over the holiday period.  We visited our church this morning, but there are still no services. We would have been carolling for the last three weeks at least, but cos of the covid, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas… Never mind, we can at least look forward to the new year, when hopefully things will look a lot more positive.

      God bless you for reading.


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