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      Hi everyone… This is my new Sunday update thread…

      By the way… The parcel from the Covid hotspot…  I’ve opened it, after seventy two hours… It is a music CD… It went into the CD drive on my electronic organ… It sound fantastic!  Anything contaminated? Not as far as I know… And anyway, How could we ever have ‘decontaminated ‘ a CD drive? Or a DVD drive? A gramophone record? A musicassette? A floppy disc?

      We never have… Old style record shops, everything was handled, by thousands of us. By the time we got the LP onto the record player, it would have goodness knows what on it… CD’s… DVD’s… Clothing in shops… Computer games… ROM packs… Joysticks… Remember the old Rubber Speccy?  And clothing… Teenagers wear the same clothes for months on end… But they don’t get seriously ill in their bedrooms… We didn’t did we? Clothes are exposed to the same air we breathe every second of our lives… We are  scientifically and biologically very well protected… It’s just trusting that biology…  And for Covid, we have the jab, which, statistically, is better taken than not. Face coverings, antibac gel when entering a public place or shop…  Trust the science… It is evidence in our favour.  Until next Sunday then… God bless you for reading.


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