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      Hi: I was just read the latest posts. I always enjoyreading reflections on childhood and how little we used to worry about contamination back then.  I used to buy everything with cash, the fries in the zoo, a croissant from the bakery, some gingerbread on the Christmas market … and would then eat it with my bare hands. Who knows what was/is on these coins, probably a lot as so many people have handled them before, let them drop on the floor … and still nothing bad happens when we buy food with them and eat it right away. There was a boy in my class who took coins into his mouth sometimes, we all thought it to be a little repulsive to be honest but he never got sick. In Germany at least people still use cash to pay all the time and Germans do not seem to get sick more than people in countries where they prefer paying by card…

      Oh how often I wish I just did not know, and did not have to think about things so much …

      I hope you can enjoy all the good Christmas food with your families and have some happy moments.
      I got in touch with other international students who will stay here alone over Christmas so we can spend some time together. Also, luckily, I can attend a service in the church tomorrow and hopefully experience some Christmas spirit in the midst of these gloomy, lonely times.

      Best wishes to everyone  reading this

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