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      Dear all I’m seriously feeling shitty as hell and feeling like my days are over. I was dealing with harm and violent OCD from last year but this type of feeling has never been before. in my house tenants stay and both the families are like very close to us. I always used to say hi whenever I used to meet them. Due to relocation one of the family is going to different place. I didn’t had any wrong thoughts but don’t know how thought emerged about what if missed them. Although they are very happy and it doesn’t seem like they are afraid of me or something. But my thoughts make doubt and if I may have really thought this i would be finished. Moreover when I searched about this type of ocd thoughts i was led to an article which stated about how some people thought this and made a video. That thing triggered another thought and now I am just helplessly searching through sites if there’s any such video. I have collectively no memory of anything and if i try to remember it is blank. Like mind just trying to create memories or emotions of it’s I am greatly depressed and can’t focus on my studies. Please help. Am I really a monster or something??

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