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      Interesting posts 🙂

      I would say I’m more spiritual than religious although I do consider myself a Christian. Meditating seems to help me but only in a very small way. I recently found myself being triggered by an event and ever since I’ve been convinced that I was ‘led there’ and this has scared the hell out of me and made me think it was ‘a sign’ 🙁 I’ve been told by another fellow ocd sufferer that this is magical thinking but then he is not spiritual, and so sees things/life differently to me. I am now put off to meditate. I certainly believe we are all on a journey. I’ve just had enough of this journey. It’s a living hell as far as I’m concerned. And yet, OCD aside, I love this planet and all it’s beauty. I love people too but OCD stops me from forming the relationships I would so like to. I also haven’t felt able to work for a few years now, due to the thoughts, but also chronic migraine. The anxiety and migraine go hand in hand and I am caught in a vicious circle. An endless one. Sorry guys, I’m really struggling to stay afloat. Not a very positive post:(

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