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      Mmmm… For many years I was commander blackcherry! Live culture yogurt… fab.

      But wait… What are we eating?

      And yet it is safe…

      Think about that the next time you ‘Reach for the bleach…’

      It makes you pause for thought, Doesn’t it?





        The thing is… Whenever stuff remotely similar to yogurt gets on a worktop, we automatically ‘Reach for the Bleach’.

        If we paused to think about what yogurt actually is, we’d not eat it. It has ‘gone off’ after all.

        We actually need a few germs and bacteria around us, to challenge and maintain/strengthen our natural immunity defences. We have them in our nasal tract, to fight the nasties in the air, likewise, in Saliva… To protect us from what we drink or ingest.

        White blood cells have a role in this too, attacking invaders to our natural systems.

        It has to be fruit yogurt though, The plain natural stuff tastes revolting!!!

        Mouldy bread has a form of Penicillin on it. I think it is the white bits, rather than the green…

        And then there’s cheese…


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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