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      Hey there,

      What are the typical traits of false memory OCD? Doubt, the worry, the anxiety, the false images. The more you think about the “memory” the more real it becomes. Mine start off as a blur and a flashing idea then the next thing it’s a full on scene in which I can hear the noises that were there, smell the smells etc etc. The memory becomes so vivid I’m convinced it must be real.  Unfortunately that is just the nature of it. How I overcome my false memories is that I simply ignore them. When the idea pops into my head, I refuse to ruminate over it and analyse it. You don’t have to ruminate and analyse real memories. Think of yesterday and something you can remember that’s a real memory. Now compare it to what you’re thinking about in terms of your false memory. There’s doubt there (no doubt lol). This is OCD. As another user commented, you would know if you had committed a crime as you would have been caught by now.  The best thing you can do is dismiss the thought when it comes into to it head by letting it be there and not analysing it x

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