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    Choking on flowers

      I’m trying to recall the name of a movie I watched when I was little. I’m pretty sure it was direct to DVD movie since it looked pretty low budget. Or at least that’s how I remember it. Anyways. The main character was a blue falcon I think? Or maybe a hawk. I don’t remember exactly but it was blue and it had a white belly with red streaks on its face. He was rebellious against his father and his father was a brown falcon/hawk. But somehow they both got separated and there’s a part where the blue falcon is flying with these Canadian geese and they’re going to this island with all kinds of birds. Honestly, I don’t remember the rest but I do remember that at the end the dad comes back to the island and they’re all having a dance party. If anyone knows the movie, PLEASE tell me. I just want to know. I watched it on a streaming service but I don’t remember which one. Maybe Amazon?

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