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    Karla SPGP

      So i been since last year really bad, since december to be more exact, but these days is happening this new thing and i can’t take It anymore

      What happens to me is that i get intrusive thoughts and they stay there in my mind for a few seconds while i believe the thought, i have harm ocd and pure o so my biggest fear is hurt my parents and for example i get i thought about i wanna kill my mom or something like that or i have to kill my parents o i want to and the thought stay in my mind for a few seconds while i believe that, is not just the feeling of i want to, is like knowing that that’s what i want and i know It and i feel It and i want It for a few seconds like i got psychotic or idk and im afraid my therapist keeps telling me that is my ocd being a bitch but i’m scared and everytime that happen i just want to kill myself cuz i truly feel and believe that that’s my only way out, so if anybody can understand me or maybe have the same o help me thank you so much i can deal with thoughts and urges but this is too much for me, is like stop being me idk un scared thank you


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