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      Hi, There are things inside us over which we have little if indeed, any control over. We are natural beings, and, as nature is probably the most powerful force on the planet, we are largely governed by it. We cannot stop our breathing, for instance… Our dreams are also out of our conscious control, and sometimes weird things happen in them, but physically we are asleep. If anything really dramatic were to happen, we would awaken, and, control our actions at the time. because we can do that. Something restrains us… It is very difficult for us to do anything evil, cos we happen to be conscientious people, us Ocd’ers… We worry…  And yet, the rest of the world just carries on around us… We care more than most…  I never cease to be amazed at the amount of evil in our world, and yet, by our capacity of thought and reason, this really shouldn’t happen… But us Ocd’ers are the good guys, simply because we care…. Care enough to write on forums like this one. We couldn’t purposely harm another, we just cannot bear the thought of it. Myself included. Our children will be fine… They aren’t on radio control, because they are individual people, just like ourselves. Pushing the risk factors, just as we ourselves do…  Mind you, I wouldn’t feel happy standing in a football ground…


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