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      Hi everyone… Well, that was a late night for me… And I had to get up early because my wife wasn’t well. She had a nosebleed. It involved going to the freezer to get frozen veg to use as an icepack. Several times. What is on the door of the freezer? Well, It looked clean. And then the bag of veg… There’s no way a freezer bag is ever sterile, even when in the shop. I know that, possibly in six months time, I’ll go to the freezer for frozen veg, and the images will flash back, of a night when it was used as an icepack source. The Ocd stores it away as a memory, ready to strike back at me. And as the freezer is full of bags and boxes, who knows if any of it is okay? Even in the freezer food shop… The conveyor belt is always wet… Always has been. We’ve had Christmas dinner, and been okay… No massive outpouring on the news of people getting ill over Christmas… Sure, Corona virus is still there… But that was here long before Christmas… That has been around for the best part of a year now. I’m sitting here in the dark… And some idiot is setting off fireworks! It is upsetting… I really don’t feel like celebrating… It is too early… We need to get through this pandemic first…   Let’s hope for a peaceful and hopeful new year. 2021. God bless you for reading.


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