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      Hi everyone. On the old forum, one of our members (Play those blues), started a thread that went on for months… I don’t remember if we got past 101, but the concept is a brilliant idea. We can all contribute. If you have an idea, or something that has helped you combat living with Ocd, then share it on this thread. This thread belongs to everyone on here. It just needed someone to start it!  We could build up our own special forum self-help manual. Anything that has helped you to cope better with your Ocd, can be placed on this thread. All you carers out there… Anyone… We have a unique perspective on living with this awful ailment, which for many of us is totally debilitating. We are special people, so lets get sharing!

      My first one to get this going is;

      1)  If, after locking that important door, you need to be sure, Check it once only, once only, and leave it, don’t go back again, just let the anxiety die down slowly, it will die down, but it might take a little while to start with.  After all, it is definitely locked, because you checked it, But once only…


      Now it’s your turn… Yes, you!

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