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    We’ve checked the “Information Resources” link at the bottom of this page and the link works.

    And do you know there are 3 ways to access our website’s information resources? Please try any of the following:

    To find the OCD Action website “Resources” page, you can:

    1.Click on any of these:

    • the “Learn About OCD” link in the green bar at the top of the page. From the menu, click on “All of our resources” or
    • the “Information Resources” link at the bottom of this page. A page displays; scroll down and click on any of the red “View our resources” links, or
    • this link:

    2. Next, you’ll see the “Resources” page on our website.

    3.On that page, click on any of the lighter blue/green bars, for example, the one that says: “I am interested in books, videos, or presentations about OCD and related topics.” You can then read a list of resources.

    If you’re still having problems, please email the forum moderators at If you can include a screen shot of any error message you might see, that would be very helpful

    Best wishes,

    Forum Moderators