Okay, sorry about that short delay in this evenings proceedings…

    So… Snow. The dreaded white stuff. It covers everything… We cannot see what is under it on the path. And I’m not just talking about sheet ice…

    I would panic a lot. We’ve all heard the jokes about not eating yellow snow… But, what else could there be? Well, Thankfully, dog-owners are usually a bit more conscientious these days, so to be fair, I don’t look, beyond making sure that I’m not going to slip or trip over. Beyond that, we are basically safe. We are protected by our natural systems, and thus, so is everyone else, as far as we can be sure. Kids have always crawled on the floor, even we did, and I grew up on a council estate in the south of England!

    I do hate being cold though… I’m right under the bedclothes at night! And I have the radio on for company!

    The house isn’t particularly cold, but it isn’t all that warm either. And I’m an old bloke! My body has begun its’ unco operative phase. The mind is willing, but the bones and joins are getting rickety.

    I’ve noticed that there are quite a few houses with Christmas decorations up. It brightens our street where the main lighting is not brilliant (Pardon the pun!).  I’m sure that the warm Summer months will return.

    Anyway, Don’t worry about white snow… It is safer to walk on than ice anyway, but the point I’m making is, Don’t keep stopping and looking back the way you’ve just stepped. It really is not important. Keep going forward, not just walking, but also in life’s struggles.

    Christmas will be interesting this year. If I can, I put some foodstuffs in the foodbank trolley at the supermarket. I know what it is like to rely on foodbanks. The main thing I remember is that We don’t always get the chance to choose stuff… And I do only like certain baked beans… They don’t all taste the same!

    For reasonably clean hands, I actually use alcohol based spray, rather than the gels. It evaporates away quicker, and isn’t messy. It’s only after using the loo anyway, or sometimes between certain ingredients when preparing a meal. I find that actually cooking the food, is great for shutting down the worries regarding the odd germ on the worktop. It tastes nice, and as I’m the main carer for my partner, it falls to me to do the cooking… I use real butter on bread… It tastes too nice to worry about anything at all! Food that tastes really nice, combats a lot of worry, and it doesn’t have to be particularly special or expensive.  Like most people, I have to be budget conscious.

    I use a bank card to pay for everything, But these days, I never clean it in any way. I cannot pass anything to anyone that they haven’t already got… Nor they me… So I just concentrate on getting stuff that I need, and say stuff the card. It has never harmed me or anyone else that I know of. If it was in any way dangerous, We’d be told to clean things, but we aren’t. Go with the flow…

    Okay… Time to make a nice hot drink… I actually use the microwave oven to boil each cup-full. It is quicker than using a full kettle. Something to eat that will fill me is next. I cannot go to sleep hungry. It may just be a slice of bread and marge, using my hands to handle it… We have enzymes in our saliva in our mouths as a first line of defence. We need to let these strengthen as well as protect us.

    Okay… Next week, I will be using a different computer link, but should still get something up next Friday evening. I haven’t chosen a subject yet, but it is likely something to do with the approaching festivities, and coping with it all as an OCD sufferer.  I will very likely have some more book ideas for you too. And a thought about trying to put stuff back on shop shelves, when we’ve ‘handled it’.  Sometimes when we select something in a shop, we decide that we no longer want it and, just as we did many years ago, just pop it back where it came from.

    I have recently bought a record player turntable. There is a lot of stuff on vinyl in charity shops. Really good stuff is beginning to come through now. And cuddly teddy’s. And they’ve also been handled by thousands of people before us!

    It is definitely worth the risk, believe me!

    Until next Friday then  8/12/2023, just as long as the internet is functioning to get my entry up here by 6-7pm.

    Let’s be carefully out there…